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Your CRM data tells an incredible story that should reveal your future success (or demise)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software While we are still in the age of “big data”, it’s imperative to remember that small data sometimes contains huge potential and should not be overlooked, even for big decisions. CRM data for most companies is not big data, especially in the case of B2B start-ups. Yet CRM data is […]

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3 Internal forces X 3 external forces

CRM Reveal Solution Engagement

B2B companies can accelerate revenue growth through disciplined CRM usage with accurate data, strong process, and insightful reporting. Sales staff makes up the largest expense by department and the highest contribution to customer acquisition cost, yet is still the chief means of executing sales growth. We evaluate and provide specific recommendations based on your current […]

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BAS Visual Proof of Why Ad Measurement is hard

Visual Proof on the challenges of achieving successful communications outcomes

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BigData BigProcess V2

The Way of Four: Data Decisions Allocations and Actions

Changes (marked with a delta) drive differences to be accumulated, surfaced, decided upon. This gives rise to allocation changes: priorities, initiatives, customers, products, research. Allocations are required to deliver actions. Even at the individual level, we “allocate” our attention, commitment, and will in order to deliver actions.

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