Speaking topics for Conferences, Incubators, Trade shows, and Meetups

Deciding and Formulating Startup Strategies Review of different approaches to internal innovation, open innovation, use of partners, mixture of inputs, architecture of products and use of marketing partners to leverage external actors in increasing effectiveness while reducing costs and risks. Representation of strategy in pitch decks for fund raising. Typically customized to the audience, venue, and duration.
B2B Storytelling The scope, depth, and usage depends on the maturity of  your company. Providing the origin of your commitment to the category and the value proposition with all the nuances of your context and emotion is often the best starting point for defining and refining your story. Once in place, many avenues of application and leverage lead to trust, acceptance, respect, trust and sales growth.
Building a Brand for Startups Starting with your origin (founder’s story), you can dissect the ingredients of your value prop, the fit with target personas and aspects of trust and loyalty that are essential for sales success. This paves the way for defining the right trusted brand, with all the design, content, style, archetypal and messaging aspects to build the brand from the inside out.
CRM Reveal: Analytics for Improving Sales Growth Most CRM reporting is flat sorted lists and stupid little pie charts and graphs.  These often miss the the mark of revealing detailed dimensional combinations of great success and abysmal failure.  The combinations of org structure, product structure, use-case, region, timing, industry, role and rep: hide the true advantages and weaknesses you have. Once revealed, these unlock spectacular growth and inform changes to hiring, strategy, priorities and even changes in pricing, targeting, qualifying in and out prospects.
NLP for Optimal Sales Mindset  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for optimal sales mindset program allows your AEs, SDRs, BDRs, ODRs, and SE’s tap into the other 90% of their brains to reveal EQ and other non-verbal techniques of overcoming resistance.  Learn how to using communication, context and style cues to create appreciation, trust and allow reps to avoid the challenger-bulldog pitfalls to up-level your selling methodology.
The Future of Sales Enablement Recently, the penetration of marketing automation and content marketing systems, methods and “factories” is confusing and stressing the sales force by introducing learning, recall and execution challenges.  By providing “too much stuff” companies often reduce sales effectiveness as well growth rates. Here we explore multiple antidotes. We formalize the relationship between knowledge, proficiency, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.