Marketing strategy, Media strategy and performance measurement, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Services, Global Cost Management

Long Term Strategy: Measurement, Analytics, Investment and Planning

The Growth Platform Finding and measuring growth opportunities before committing product investment, leveraging partner integration and co-development, seizing transient real world opportunities. Market research, decision research, user mindset and behavior research and linkage to product design for prototypes and MVPs.  Design Methodologies of Indi Young, Nir Eyal. Mindset and communications methodologies of L.Michael Hall, Ph.D.
 CRM Analytics Detailed methodology that accounts for historical investments in time and effort and segments results by associated sales productivity. Enables a framework for ranking Go To Market priorities, costs, time horizons and risks. Involves a collaboration between Sales and Executive staff.
Define and Execute Media Strategy Automated discovery of competitors and partners use of social media. Quantifying the price of audience awareness as a function of CPM and CPC pricing for valuing the price, time and effort to achieve reach and frequency to fill the upper funnel.
Product Potential in Market Research Ranked market potential linked to your technology differentiators, and use cases.  Involves a collaboration between Product and Marketing VPs.
Sales and Marketing Alignment Detailed survey of aspects of assumptions and usage that provides ranking of changes to move toward best practices.  Involves a collaboration between Sales and Marketing VPs.
Balanced Scorecard Design Using the Harvard Business School methods of cause and effect linkage with strategic and operational KPIs and new custom metric definitions, design and deliver a balanced scorecard which maps the firm’s or organization’s mission and values to their business and financial objectives.  Define customized measures of alignment.
Define Innovation Strategy and Process Using the latest in academic and business literature and the culture and style of your firm.  Using existing tools to allow a “Funnel” for distilling and approving final outcomes of collaboration, ideation, and pretotype testing.
Public Relations (PR) Strategy Finding the optimal thought leaders, bloggers, journalists to form a match list and vetting process for inviting, screening and selecting the ultimate set of PR agencies for your product, market, culture and channel strategy.
Define and Execute Competitive Intelligence Automate the analysis for your feature/function/benefits to inform product planning and positioning decisions. Define distance functions in real feature / function space and perceptual mind share space for achieving differentiation, acceptance or even disruptive acknowledgement.
Social Media Sensing (analytics, listening, monitoring) Automated process to measure the sentiment, popularity and influence across sites, sources, forums, social networks and key people of influence to inform media strategy, competitive intelligence and market research.
Targeted User App Testing Testing mobile or web apps for usability, interest, engagement, performance and customer experience. We can define, plan and execute the tests for you; and optionally screen and source the participants.  We find internal triggers, external environmental and situational triggers for thoughts, actions and expectations and beliefs.


Short Term: Tactical phases of go to market and roadmap

Content Marketing Defining personas, the company origin story and the customer value proposition story. Authoring specific content such as whitepapers, thought leadership blog posts, videos, webinars, e-books, infographics for various parts of the marketing funnel.  Defining and refining messaging to tie the story to the hero’s journey of the customer personas.
Facebook Campaigns Campaign creative, targeting, placement, optimization, iteration for distinct goals including Mobile, Social, and CPA.
Pretotyping Pre-Market Testing Defining creative, positioning, market tests for new apps, websites, services, products that have unknown markets and ill defined business risk
Keyword Research and analysis Specific to your market, audience, buying criteria, competitive situation and consumer preferences. Using Google Tools and Social Media Analytics tools.
Video Design Briefs and outsourced agency selection Concept ideation for breakthrough positioning and execution in online video format, art direction, meaning, and brand promise conveyed to bypass verbal reasoning filters in skeptical audiences. Sample.
External Hard Questions Documents To ask of existing customers, focus groups, conference sessions, communities to make actionable and statistically validated conclusions. The questions must be designed to separate respondants into different groups, use-cases, and mindsets.
Internal/Confidential Hard Questions Documents For your sales force, marketing team, executive management. Define your version of alignment by uncovering assumptions, challenging beliefs, fears, and opportunities. Enlarge and engage commitment across functional areas.
Costing methodologies rooted in Activity-Based-Costing (ABC) Measure Web services, cloud services and professional services cost and performance models, based on actual consumption of resources and defined cost of capacity. Identify real value among the many possibilities. Measure value from cost saving or extra revenue.  Know the cost of unused capacity and use that strategically.
Total cost of ownership (TCO) Averted costs, utilization costs, avoidance costs, cost of risks; software, hardware, setup costs, maintenance costs, training and professional services, fully loaded employee costs.


We use a Mathematical basis for performance measurement and strategic direction decisions for the following reasons: Repeatability, statistical confidence, providing an audit trail…Creating conviction for you to make strategic decisions requiring commitment, staffing, hiring and investment.