SCG Chris’s seminar topics

Chris’s seminar talks and invited presentation topics 2013

1. Social Media Sensing. Using new analytics methods and feeds : Determining competitive intelligence at scale, and finding specific market opportunities and influencers in those markets. How does Social Media Analytics feed the needs of marketing, product development, and later social media marketing and community management? Time, effort, tools, process, skills and outcomes, i.e. Decisions.

2. Mind the Gap: Role of internal communication, and address interpersonal dynamics in defining your founding team, selecting first hires, and dealing with assumptions, truths, and unintended consequences, and how to keep egos in check while giving independence and yet cohesion to the mission….as it evolves, and sometimes pivots.

3. Measuring Achievement: Find the right KPIs for your company and the data to fill them, and preparing for decisions that ensure. This is mostly the BOD, VC metrics that tell them what’s working and what needs help. Agility comes from actions, choices, tradeoffs that people make in a cooperative and driven organization; not from the data itself. What does it take to define collaboration and exchange of ideas, skills, expertise and know how to make this a value-added operation; not just a cool dashboard of accounting data…..
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