New Categories for New Products for Capturing Mindshare


As software architectural deployments shift and as new buzz words proliferate, there is always a race to capture the new “real estate” of mindshare for differentiation and attention. Big Data at first meant technology to enable analytics, then arose Big Data Analytics solutions (and platforms), which in turn enabled decisions about customers, products and options for companies operating with Terabytes or more of data. Then it turned to the “3Vs”, Volume, Velocity, and Variety the three dimensions that define the types of Big Data. Now, we are seeing the emergence of Big Data Apps, that is Applications that target specific industries and decisions within, that harness the stack of analytics. Then the next step will be of course (PAAS), platforms as a service which allow search and provisioning of apps like an appstore, all based on common analytics infrastructure. The first company in this category………………is………………….



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