CRM Reveal Solution Engagement

3 Internal forces X 3 external forces

CRM Reveal Solution Engagement Diagram

B2B companies can accelerate revenue growth through disciplined CRM usage with accurate data, strong process, and insightful reporting. Sales staff makes up the largest expense by department and the highest contribution to customer acquisition cost, yet is still the chief means of executing sales growth. We evaluate and provide specific recommendations based on your current CRM usage and accumulated data to improve efficiency, effectiveness and maximize growth.

For most companies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool that is often misused. CRM can become a strategic weapon when configured and used correctly. Companies should rely on CRM to drive decisions that cross departments. This is particularly true for companies hiring sales staff, seeking to better align marketing to sales, or planning reallocation or hiring of resources among industries, territories and product use-cases

Key goals you should be focused on:

  1. Identifying the sales staff allocation to improve revenue growth rate
  2. Understanding the internal and external factors that determine sales performance
  3. Quantify the trade-off between low velocity big deals and high velocity small deals
  4. Understand opportunities to improve deal qualification improvements
  5. Evaluate growth scenarios from changes to resource allocation, process and behavior
  6. Enhance sales and marketing alignment to generate best leads by industry, use-case, roles, and products that maximize revenue growth rate.

Download the 1 page summary doc here

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