The following are video examples produced by our team to meet specific objectives in audience engagement, value proposition and fundraising.  No matter what video platform you use for distribution or video advertising, the design of your production according to the latent needs, desires and uncertainties of your target audience and the product or service category you are in, is central.  That’s our focus, before and during production of content. Before you start shooting footage and editing, we define the impact, the emotions, the results and the cognitive pathways to reach them.  These can be rational, intuitive or emotional; or a mixture of the three.  Because no matter what you spend on distribution and views; the impact comes from the relevance, interest, engagement and reaction created by the viewing experience.

Carlmont Academic Foundation for Carlmont High School 2015 SVGives fundraiser.

Creative expression using my own original music with engagement and target audience visual storytelling.

Promotional video of the Deregulators CD Release “Too Many Questions” on, funded by