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From Insight to Innovation: The CMO’s Role using the Digital Customer Journey

Announcing a new research paper From Insight to Innovation – The CMO’s role using the Digital Customer Journey

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So What is the Total Cost of Differentiation? The ROI of Brand Success for Sustainable Growth.

So you would like to guarantee differentiation? Short of an exhaustive competitive analysis in your market, and understanding of your target markets needs, desires, and preferences, and critical and technical review of your product and engineering teams capabilities and the fit with your product strategy……What if there was a mathematical formula for describing total differentiation […]

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How to select customer segmentation schemes mindset or behavior or both? part 1

All customers are unique individuals, and therefore have unique mindsets. For every existing category of product (or service) and every new category, you can dream up segmentation schemes. You can use characteristics of the customers’ mindset, usage scenarios, buying behavior, channel preferences, brand preferences; all sorts of “reasons” to define your segmentation schemes. You make […]

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