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mapping advertising relevance

Visual proof: Mapping tasks to advertising relevance

In this diagram, we see that several different disciplines work together to achieve relevance in Marketing Communications, or Advertising Strategy. Relevance is not a yet a button that you click, or an option on a targeting platform that you are using. It’s the culmination of research, planning, and execution, which must include a feedback loop […]

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Why is Relevance So Hard

Visual Proof: Why is attaining Relevance in Advertising so Hard?

Many people and companies, assume that relevance is a property of the audience (or audience member), or conversely a property of the advertising (image, copy, placement). Well, it’s neither. It’s a property of the relationship between audience, message, product, and the time and placement of the advertising itself. It’s a meta-property. This is best viewed in […]

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BAS Visual Proof of Why Ad Measurement is hard

Visual Proof on the challenges of achieving successful communications outcomes

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Visual Gaps Diagrams for Brand Strategy

Visualizing Brand Gaps Diagrams

These diagrams are meant to oversimplify a few concepts for getting started on the data and measurement aspects of Brand strategy as part of the Marketing discipline. We are in the early days of scientific method creeping into Brand Marketing.  

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Brand Gap between customers and company

Bridging the Brand Gap starts with revealing differing points of view

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SCG ROI Template

SCG General purpose ROI framework

ROI means “Return on Investment”. This is a simplified financial notion that allows managers to determine whether it make sense to take some course of action. We do this intuitively all the time, and many of us do this with numbers for our companies weekly. ROI for capital investment and more recently, Marketing and Advertising […]

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Brand Art+Science

The Right Story Informed By the Right Data We provide Brand strategy and measurement that catalyzes leaders to grow their organizations through critical transition years and volatile markets. In the era of naked brands and big data, the art of strategy and the science of measurement are needed more than ever in order to help […]

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SCG Chris’s seminar topics

Chris’s seminar talks and invited presentation topics 2013 1. Social Media Sensing. Using new analytics methods and feeds : Determining competitive intelligence at scale, and finding specific market opportunities and influencers in those markets. How does Social Media Analytics feed the needs of marketing, product development, and later social media marketing and community management? Time, […]

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Global Metric for Educational System VCI

Global Metric for Educational System Value Creation

This diagram represents a holistic metric we developed for a system of charter schools in California in 2009. It illustrates the connections to various inputs (influences) and outputs across a wide range of stakeholders. You can see how this might apply to private sector firms in a similar situation. Examples would be Sustainability, Triple Bottom […]

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dynamic graph ontology_build

Social Graphs enable a form of Data Mining

Social Graphs are all the rage. Why? Because the connecting structure allows the relationships to be navigated and mined [i.e. data mining] to provide new forms of value creation for users, customers, and the companies which own the graph data model. Facebook is the predominate example, where they use it for targeting audiences for focusing […]

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