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data driven wheel of growth

The Data Driven Wheel of Growth

More and more companies are using the virtues of data driven planning and decision making. Slowly but surely, businesses are being run with scientific precision.  This means that aspects of risk and uncertainty are not tackled with gut instinct, but with a combination of collective and collaborative intelligence as well as a process that is […]

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CMO OSI Innovation Clock

From Insight to Innovation: The CMO’s Role using the Digital Customer Journey

Announcing a new research paper From Insight to Innovation – The CMO’s role using the Digital Customer Journey

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mapping advertising relevance

Visual proof: Mapping tasks to advertising relevance

In this diagram, we see that several different disciplines work together to achieve relevance in Marketing Communications, or Advertising Strategy. Relevance is not a yet a button that you click, or an option on a targeting platform that you are using. It’s the culmination of research, planning, and execution, which must include a feedback loop […]

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Why is Relevance So Hard

Visual Proof: Why is attaining Relevance in Advertising so Hard?

Many people and companies, assume that relevance is a property of the audience (or audience member), or conversely a property of the advertising (image, copy, placement). Well, it’s neither. It’s a property of the relationship between audience, message, product, and the time and placement of the advertising itself. It’s a meta-property. This is best viewed in […]

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BigData BigProcess V2

The Way of Four: Data Decisions Allocations and Actions

Changes (marked with a delta) drive differences to be accumulated, surfaced, decided upon. This gives rise to allocation changes: priorities, initiatives, customers, products, research. Allocations are required to deliver actions. Even at the individual level, we “allocate” our attention, commitment, and will in order to deliver actions.

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