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data driven wheel of growth

The Data Driven Wheel of Growth

More and more companies are using the virtues of data driven planning and decision making. Slowly but surely, businesses are being run with scientific precision.  This means that aspects of risk and uncertainty are not tackled with gut instinct, but with a combination of collective and collaborative intelligence as well as a process that is […]

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Your CRM data tells an incredible story that should reveal your future success (or demise)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software While we are still in the age of “big data”, it’s imperative to remember that small data sometimes contains huge potential and should not be overlooked, even for big decisions. CRM data for most companies is not big data, especially in the case of B2B start-ups. Yet CRM data is […]

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3 Internal forces X 3 external forces

CRM Reveal Solution Engagement

B2B companies can accelerate revenue growth through disciplined CRM usage with accurate data, strong process, and insightful reporting. Sales staff makes up the largest expense by department and the highest contribution to customer acquisition cost, yet is still the chief means of executing sales growth. We evaluate and provide specific recommendations based on your current […]

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Source target mapping rule UI

UI design pattern for allowing per-user source-target mapping rule edits

I am continually amazed at how many large scale B2C apps get this design pattern wrong. This template should help most.  This applies to many large, well funded, well staffed consumer websites as well as enterprise application companies. You need to think of the entities in your domain, for taskrabbit it would be (taskers[people], tasks[projects]) for […]

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CMO OSI Innovation Clock

From Insight to Innovation: The CMO’s Role using the Digital Customer Journey

Announcing a new research paper From Insight to Innovation – The CMO’s role using the Digital Customer Journey

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Future Gmail Innovations

Future Gmail UX UI Innovations

Someday, these innovations will find their way into email, perhaps via Google (Gmail), perhaps not. Ask yourself, which of these do I need now? And which do I fear others will use against me? Sometimes innovations have unintended consequences. How would you A/B test these features?

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Hyper Insight Structure

A Definition of Brand Insight and the Connection to Big Data

Insight: A brand interaction with consumer(s) that yields new information, new strategy, or a change in messaging and positioning for the Brand, whilst simultaneously changing the mindset of the consumer(s). Explanation: This can be done in person (interactive dialog) or with data from consumers, and projected back to consumers directly for which responses are measurable, […]

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Visualizing Colloboration and Workflow

Visualizing Colloboration and Workflow

I have a seen a lot of bad diagrams and schematics for collaboration and workflow, I am sure you have too. Here is one I like but it’s basis in I Ching. The reason I like this depiction is that It has a globe behind it, so it looks “global” It has steps or phases […]

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So What is the Total Cost of Differentiation? The ROI of Brand Success for Sustainable Growth.

So you would like to guarantee differentiation? Short of an exhaustive competitive analysis in your market, and understanding of your target markets needs, desires, and preferences, and critical and technical review of your product and engineering teams capabilities and the fit with your product strategy……What if there was a mathematical formula for describing total differentiation […]

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How to select customer segmentation schemes mindset or behavior or both? part 1

All customers are unique individuals, and therefore have unique mindsets. For every existing category of product (or service) and every new category, you can dream up segmentation schemes. You can use characteristics of the customers’ mindset, usage scenarios, buying behavior, channel preferences, brand preferences; all sorts of “reasons” to define your segmentation schemes. You make […]

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