Brand Art+Science

We are proud to announce Brand Art+Science: a global alliance focused on brand, marketing, and analytics consulting. We bridge the gap between brand strategy and measurement by using the right data to evolve the right story. Our brand system designs and implements growth strategies, assesses brand risk, measures brand opportunities, and increases the growth of brands. We are committed to nurturing people and accelerating proven ideas that reinforce brand engagement. We are committed to nurturing people, encouraging entrepreneurial collaboration, using new methods and tools, and cultivating ideas that bring ventures to life — both within established companies or new startups.

Above all we are focused on creating tangible value in terms of brand deliverables, decisions, and lasting results through effective partnerships. Our brand strategy and marketing measurement practice provides comprehensive services to design and implement growth strategies, assess brand risk, measure brand value, and support the growth of branded organizations. Together we have a network of expert consultants and collaborators based in Asia, Europe and Americas that provide strategic, creative, and organizational expertise to create clarity out of complexity, diminish execution risk, and increase the value of organizations, their brands, and their offerings.


Here is quick overview of the services offering, from the point of view of services firms who don’t have collected product sales data.


Brand Art+Science is a global alliance between Whitney & Company, headed by Whitney Vosburgh, and Skyfollow Consulting Group to provide strategic, creative, analytical, and organizational expertise to create dynamic brand communities informed by timely data and insights.