Skyfollow Consulting Group (SCG) provides business model strategy, competitive intelligence, market research, product design, user-interaction design, product marketing, and brand strategy for new, high growth, and high potential firms in high technology, online marketing and advertising and consumer electronics.  We bring together the classic analytic techniques from management consulting, but we use the latest data and tools to automatically accumulate data and provide client specific insight and analysis that uncovers strategic tradeoffs, risk factors, opportunities and tactics. We use a network of known and experienced consultants, both freelancers and associated companies both in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and using outsourced services in other countries with prior experience on similar projects as yours.

Chris Rigatuso is the founder and managing partner for Skyfollow, Inc.  The functional roles he takes on are VP of Marketing, VP of Sales, and VP of Analytics in client consulting capacities. Other Skyfollow network partners are brought in to assist with larger engagements.

Chris Rigatuso combines two decades in marketing and financial strategy, data analytics, and performance measurement. As startup CEO and chief architect of Adacube, he created the first cross-media SaaS application merging search and display advertising performance data in 2007. As past Director of Business Intelligence and Analytic apps at Oracle, he codesigned launched three successful enterprise analytics apps. Since 2009, he has run Skyfollow Consulting Group to focus on client engagements where measurement, analytic decision making, performance analysis and reporting are central needs.

Personally authored white papers by Chris:

• From Insight to Innovation: The CMO’s role in Innovation using Digital Customer Journey
• Social Media Sensing: Analytics for the Competitive Advantage of Firms
• Aligning Strategic and Operational Planning with Scorecards
• Project Portfolio Analysis for Internal IT
• Strategy-Focused Business Planning, with bscol.com
• Corporate Governance: A Balanced Scorecard Approach, with bscol.com
• Customer Profitability in the Communications Industry
• Scenarios Modeling in Activity Based Costing
• The Oracle Integration of General Ledger to Activity Based Management
• Improving Product Cost Accuracy
• Oracle Time and Labor integration to ABM
• Why Manufacturers Stumble on the Internet

More recent ones available on: http://www.slideshare.net/skyfollow
He is reachable at CR [at] Skyfollow [dot] Com.


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